3 Things That Come In A Cracked Windshield Repair Kit

You never know when you will be driving down the road and get hit by a rock or other piece of debris that cracks or chips your windshield. This can be incredibly frustrating and can become worse if not taken care of as soon as possible. One way to ensure that you can fix your crack as soon as possible, both to avoid it getting bigger, as well as to increase your visibility, is to purchase your own cracked windshield repair kit. While taking your car into a windshield repair location is always an option, this sometimes isn't a possibility right away. The cracked windshield repair kit comes with several different things that make it possible for you to fix your window no matter where you are. This article will discuss 3 items in particular that come in the kit.

A Seal

In order for the crack on the windshield to be repaired, it is important that the area is first cleaned and then sealed off. This ensures that dirt and other debris won't get in the way, and it also allows you to focus on the specific area where the crack actually is.Thankfully, the cracked windshield repair kit comes with a seal in the kit that allows you to seal off the specific area that you would like to fix. This also protects the rest of your window during the repair process. 


The material that is used to fill in the crack in the windshield is called resin. The window kit comes with resin that is ready for you to inject right into the seal and into the cracks in your window. This resin immediately goes into the cracks and fills them up. This makes it easy for you to fix the crack without having to do a lot of manual labor to get it where you want it to go. It also ensures that the repair is solid, as soon as the resin dries. The kit generally doesn't come with a lot of resin in it, but you often have the opportunity to purchase more of it on its own. 


In order to get the resin through the seal and into the crack, you need to have a plunger. This plunger is what supplies that added pressure to the resin, allowing it to contact the window through the seal. You simply fill the plunger up with the resin, place it in the hole in the seal, and pump it inside.