What Is Roadside Assistance And Why Should Every Driver Have It?

Many drivers fear being stranded while traveling or commuting, especially in unfamiliar surroundings. While it's okay to sometimes rely on our friends or family to help during a vehicle breakdown, they are not available at all times. For this reason, 24-hour roadside assistance is available to serve your needs anytime and anywhere for driving emergencies that take you by surprise.

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance plans supplement your car insurance and provide you with solutions to problems you encounter while you are on the road. Roadside assistance will help you 24/7 if you have a flat tire, a dead battery, or a mechanical breakdown.

Roadside assistance plans are available as an add-on by most vehicle insurers. You can also purchase an affordable stand-alone plan that goes above and beyond what your insurance company covers. Whether you choose your insurance or a stand-alone company, there is no excuse not to have a roadside assistance plan.

What Should You Look For in a Roadside Assistance Plan?

When shopping around for a roadside assistance plan, you should look for features that help everything go smoothly when an emergency occurs. Some things you should look for are:

Free or discounted towing  

The roadside assistance company will tow your vehicle at no cost or at a reduced rate. Some companies may offer free towing but limit the amount of mileage per year at no cost before you are charged.

Tire change or repair  

If you have a flat tire, a technician will come out to check to see if your tire can be repaired. If not, they can offer to change to your spare tire or tow your vehicle if no spare is available.

Gas replacement  

If you run out of gas, your roadside assistance will send out an agent to supply you with enough fuel to get to the nearest gas station.  

Battery problems  

If you have a weak or dead battery, a technician can test your battery and give it a jump start. If your battery does not start your car, you can tow your vehicle to the destination of your choice.

Minor repairs  

If your car needs a minor fix (like a dragging fender) so it can safely be driven, your roadside assistance can repair that damage temporarily so you can safely drive it home or to a body shop.

This list only contains the most common features found in most 24-hour roadside assistance plans. By shopping around and researching what specific plans offer, you can choose the best plan that suits your needs and offers you a sense of security the next time you drive your car.

To learn more, reach out to a local roadside assistance service.